Feministas Unidas Inc.

February 2017 Newsletter
 Estimada membresía. Aquí está el CFP para la próxima convención del MLA en NYC:

Feministas Unidas, Inc. (MLA-allied organization)

MLA 2018

Guaranteed Sessio

“Hispanic Women in the Public Sphere: Debates on Feminisms, Activism, and Solidaritiesy”

New York City, January 4-8, 2018

Call for Papers

This session seeks to further promote a dialogue on feminisms, activism, and collective initiatives of solidarity among women (including concomitant local and regional debates on them) with a focus on Spanish-speaking societies, including the United States. Recent political and socioeconomic changes in Spain, Latin America, and the United States, have brought to public and scholarly attention the space that women can/should occupy in the public sphere. This session is interested in analyzing current debates on feminisms vis-à-vis the advance of the globalization agenda and its impacts to the Global South: What are the current debates and trends on feminisms at the local and regional levels? What are the connections of such discussions with civilian-based initiatives of activism and solidarity to guarantee women’s political and personal space in the public realm? The interdependence between theoretical and practical approaches is welcomed. Send a 250 words abstract (in English, Spanish, or Portuguese) to Hilda Chacón at hchacon6@naz.edu, deadline March 1st, 2017. Must be a member of MLA and Feministas Unidas, Inc. in order to present at the conference.
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