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December 2019 Newsletter
 Hola de nuevo...os envío otra cosa interesante en un correo aparte para que no os hagáis un lio con diferentes conferencias y trabajos...

Title, abstract (500 words), and short bio of the contributor (200 words): February 15, 2020

Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2020

Deadline for essay submission (4,500-6,000 words, including references, footnotes and citations): September 15, 2020

• María R. Matz (Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell)
• María del Mar López Cabrales (Professor, Colorado State University)

Contemporary Mexican author Carmen Boullosa has described herself as a “grafónoma”, as she talks in interviews about her need to write daily since she was fifteen years old. Since her editorial debut in 1978 with the poemario “La memoria vacía”, her daily writing has produced an enormous and varied literary corpus that includes narrative, theater and poetry. Her works have been translated into many languages and she has received multiple prestigious awards, including the XIX Premio Casa de América de Poesía Americana in 2019 for her collection of poems La aguja en el pajar. Boullosa’s writing has a distinctive voice and style, interweaving history and fiction on many occasions.

The main objective for this edited volume is to explore and disseminate Boullosa’s artistic production. We invite contributors from all disciplines and plan to include essays on all aspects of her work.

We encourage and will give special consideration to:

 Stories of history in Boullosa’s work
 The voice of women in Boullosa’s work
 Representation of the USA/Mexico border in Boullosa’s narrative
 Subversive voices in Boullosa’s narrative
 The use of intertextuality in Boullosa’s narrative
 Identity and memory in Boullosa’s literary work
 Representations of Mexico and its culture in Boullosa’s work
 Representations of the body in Boullosa’s writing
 Boullosa’s use of language as a mirror for contemporary Mexico
 Boullosa’s poetic production
 Boullosa’s dramatic production
Guidelines for authors:

All submissions should be based on original research and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors are advised that submission of a paper does not constitute a commitment or guarantee by volume editors that the paper will be incorporated in the published volume. The essays should be developed for a global audience and well-referenced. The length of submissions should be 4,500-6,000 words (including references, footnotes and citations). The paper should be in English, size 12 font (Times New Roman), double-spaced and must follow the MLA style guide (most recent edition). Interested contributors are requested to submit a title, abstract (500 words) and short biography of the contributor (200 words, including author’s academic titles and affiliation) to both Maria Matz at maria_matz@uml.edu and Maria del Mar Lopez Cabrales at cabrales@colostate.edu.
About the publisher:

The edited volume will be submitted to Routledge or a similar press for consideration of publishing as part of their Series. After a contract for the volume has been issued, all authors will be required to complete copyright forms issued by the publisher.
Deadlines for submission:
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