Feministas Unidas Inc.

January 2021 Newsletter
 Dear Feministas Unidas, hoping you are having a good start of semester, I want to share several announcements.

1) First of all, you are invited to the annual business meeting which will take place on Friday, Jan 15, at 1:00 pm PST, 2 :00 pm MST, 3:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm EST.
Location: https://asu.zoom.us/j/9485710457

Brief introductions of people in charge:

Annual achievements and challenges:
1.Leslie Bary will discuss awards
2. Inma Pertusa will talk about the FU webpage
3.Carmen Urioste will cover the organization´s journal, Ambitos feministas
4.Financial Reports will come from Olga Bezhanova, our treasurer
5.Maria Alejandra Zanetta will cover the Newsletter
6.Topics for next MLA conference.


Harms, Patricia.Ladina Social Activism in Guatemala City (1871-1954)(2020)

Ferreira, César y Jorge Avilés Diz, eds.Narrar lo invisible. Aproximaciones al mundo literario de Sara Mesa(2020)

Sánchez-Blake, Elvira.Spiral of Silence. A Novel(2019)

Ugalde, Sharon Keefe.Ophelia. Shakespeare and Gender in Contemporary Spain. University of Wales Press, 2020.

Soria, Mar.Geographies of Urban Female Labor and Nationhood in Spanish Culture, 1880-1975. University of Nebraska Press, 2020.

Cantú-Sánchez, Margaret and al., eds.Teaching Gloria E. Anzaldúa. Pedagogy and Practice for Our Classroom and Communities. The University of Arizona Press, 2020.

Mandar un email a carmen.urioste@asu.edu, la primera persona

3) Reminding you about the upcoming NEMLA panel...here is all the information

NEMLA 2021: Philadelpia, PA – March 11-14, 2021

La fecha del panel para FU será el 12 de marzo de 10:30 AM a 12:00.
Feminist Theory and Art Between Tradition and Innovation (Feministas Unidas Session).
Feministas Unidas invites you to join our panel on artistic and theoretical contributions by female and feminist artists in the Hispanic world. In our panel we will discuss the ways in which the current generation of feminist artists and theorists shapes feminist discourse and transforms it to suit the needs of this time in history.
Which feminist traditions are worth preserving and which will have to be displaced as a result of our evolving understanding of the complexities of female marginalization? What kind of artistic and theoretical innovations serve the goals of feminism?

4) Don’t forget to check Feministas Unidas’ Facebook and Twitter webpages.


5) Also, don´t forget to take care of this year´s fees to continue your membership with FU. You can do this just by clicking the following link.

6) Finally, one more announcement. We have added a new section in the Feministas Unidas web portal with copies of the academic reviews (Reseñas) written by our members and published in the FemUn Newsletter in the Spring and the Fall. Visit http://reviews.feministas-unidas.org
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