Feministas Unidas Inc.

March 2015 Newsletter
 Dear Members of Feministas Unidas, Inc.: We need to hold elections for two Executive Board positions: Vice-President (for the two academic year term of 2016-2017) and Newsletter Editor/s (for the same term). The Vice-President shall act as president in the absence of the President; shall carry out directive tasks assigned by the President and/or Executive Committee; shall become the President in the year following the two-year term as Vice-President. The President shall preside at the Annual Meeting and shall call meetings of the Executive Committee; shall have the authority to appoint ad hoc committees to carry out specific projects or resolve specific problems; shall delegate the work of the membership body and the Executive Committee. The President shall see that elections are called and carried out according to the provisions of these By-Laws. The Newsletter Editor/s shall compile, organize and submit for publication the Feministas Unidas, Inc. newsletter, which, according to the Library of Congress description is published online biannually, in February and October. All active members are invited to consider nominating themselves to serve on the Executive Board. Self-nominations are due by April 1, 2015. Please send an e-mail self-nomination to: Cynthia.Tompkins@asu.edu, Secretary of Feministas Unidas, Inc. In this email, please include the following: -Subject Header: “Self-Nomination” -Body of Email Line 1: Your name -Body of Email Line 2: The position being considered (Vice-President or Editor/s) -Body of Email Line 3: A brief statement Thank you for considering this call to serve!,
Rebecca Ulland
President, Feministas Unidas, Inc.
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