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May 2015 Newsletter
 Estimada membresía:
Por favor, consideren participar en este panel de Feministas Unidas organizado por Magdalena Maiz-Peña para SAMLA.
Muchas gracias!

November 13- November 15 Durham, NC

Feministas Unidas call for papers:

Hispanic/Latino Postfeminist biopics, media representations, and adaptations (Spanish, English, Portuguese)

This panel includes interdisciplinary approaches to Hispanic/Latino performative subjects in a variety of literary, cultural, and multimedia representations. Alternative cultural readings informed by life writing theory, gender and sexualities, media and cinema studies, and/or popular culture studies, among others will provide the framework to consume alternative biopics. Media representations and literary and/or cultural adaptations include fiction and non-fiction biopics, biographical comics, docudramas, auto/biographical video-textures, photographic portraits, digital archives, corporeal markers as signatures, drawings or sketches, architectural sites, decorative arts as biographical mappings, among other non-canonical biographical narratives.
Films, documentaries, graphic biographies, visual journals, animation, and/or cultural artifacts constructing a non-canonical biopic will be also considered.

Please send a one page 250 word proposal by June 1 to: Professor Magdalena Maiz-Peña at Davidson College at mapena@davidson.edu

*Presenters will need to be members of SAMLA and of Feministas Unidas.
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