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March 26th, 2022Libros para reseñar
January 31st, 2022 *Newletter Spring 2022 Volume 42.1
December 6th, 2021 *Call for nominations for President and Vice-president
October 11th, 2021Recordatorio sesion NeMLA
September 16th, 2021Circular mes de septiembre 2021
July 1st, 2021Circular mes de julio 2021
February 28th, 2021Circular mes de marzo 2021
January 27th, 2021Call for papers MLA 2022
January 12th, 2021Circular Enero You are invited to the FU Business meeting on Jan. 15th!!
December 6th, 2020Anuncio último volumen de Ámbitos feministas
October 24th, 2020Circular Octubre 2020
July 31st, 2020 *CIrcular mes de julio 2020
June 16th, 2020Circular mes de junio 2020
May 8th, 2020Circular mes de mayo 2020
March 6th, 2020Circular Marzo 2020
January 2nd, 2020Carta de la presidenta
December 27th, 2019Call for Submissions for an Edited Volume on the Works of Contemporary Mexican writer Carmen Boullosa
December 27th, 2019Call for Papers: "Walking the LIne: Migration, Art and Politics on the US Mexican Border"
December 26th, 2019Feministas Unidas en el MLA 2020 Seattle
December 26th, 2019Carta de la presidenta Diciembre 2019
December 8th, 2019Anuncio Vicepresidenta
November 24th, 2019Recordatorio votaciones y otras cosas
November 17th, 2019 *Call for Proposals: Media, Lingualisms, Translations: Technologies of Language and Power
November 16th, 2019 *Circular NOVIEMBRE 2019
September 13th, 2019Fluid Identites in the GLobalizing World
September 2nd, 2019Association of Gender Sexuality Studies CONFERENCE
September 2nd, 2019Convocatoria "Por un lenguaje inclusivo..." SEPTIEMBRE 2019
September 2nd, 2019Mensaje de la presidenta SEPTIEMBRE 2019
August 27th, 2019Candidatura a Vicepresidencia
August 16th, 2019 *Circular 16 agosto 2019
June 26th, 2019 *Circular Junio/Julio
May 25th, 2019Fluid Identities in the Globalized world
May 25th, 2019Mensaje de la presidenta de Feministas Unidas, Inc
May 22nd, 2019May 22nd, 2019 PREMIO 2019 ADELA ZAMUDIO
April 19th, 2019Circular 19 abril, 2019
March 25th, 2019 *25 de marzo 2019
March 11th, 2019Circular 11 de marzo
March 10th, 2019Circular 10 marzo, 2019
March 9th, 2019Circular 9 de marzo
February 2nd, 2019Circular mes de febrero
January 14th, 2019MLA 2020 Feministas Unidas Session
January 13th, 2019 *Circular Enero 2019
January 11th, 2019Comunicado de la presidenta de Feministas Unidas
November 26th, 2018Circular Noviembre Feministas Unidas
November 23rd, 2018Mensaje de la presidenta de Feministas Unidas
November 18th, 2018Feministas Unidas información MLA
October 20th, 201816th Annual Graduate students essay competition
October 14th, 2018Circular octubre Feministas Unidas
October 5th, 2018Important announcements
September 10th, 2018Votaciones Secretaria y otros anuncios
September 3rd, 2018Feministas Unidas Cicular septiembre
August 10th, 2018NeMLA CFP
July 9th, 2018CFP-ConSecuencias
July 5th, 2018CFP-The Other Fridas
June 29th, 2018Circular junio Feministas Unidas
May 28th, 2018Segunda circular mayo Feministas Unidas
May 25th, 2018Mensaje sobre protección de datos de Feministas Unidas Inc
May 21st, 2018Elecciones Secretaria Feministas Unidas Inc
May 2nd, 2018CFP-Encyclopedia of Cuban Cinema
April 12th, 2018Concurso ensayo Feministas Unidas y resultado votaciones
March 25th, 2018Votaciones cambios estatutos y otros anuncios Feministas Unidas
March 9th, 2018Circular marzo-Feministas Unidas
February 16th, 2018Segunda circular febrero-Feministas Unidas
February 5th, 2018Circular febrero- Feministas Unidas
January 23rd, 2018CFP-MLA
January 21st, 2018Circular January Feministas Unidas
January 16th, 2018Saludos de la nueva junta directiva
January 13th, 2018Ganadoras del concurso de Feministas Unidas y convocatoria volumen
January 2nd, 2018Primera Circular Feministas Unidas Enero 2018
December 17th, 2017Resultados de las votaciones Feministas Unidas
December 14th, 2017Anuncios importantes Feministas Unidas
December 6th, 2017Circular diciembre Feministas Unidas
November 29th, 2017Concurso ensayos graduados, votaciones y Congreso
November 23rd, 2017Elecciones Feministas Unidas y más Noticias
November 19th, 2017Candidatas a presidenta/vicepresidenta y tesorera
November 2nd, 2017Votaciones Feministas Unidas and CFP Simposio Ideología, Política y Reivindicaciones
October 29th, 2017Circular Feministas Unidas Octubre
October 20th, 2017Feministas Unidas ELECTIONS
September 18th, 2017Circular septiembre Feministas Unidas
September 2nd, 2017Call for paper
August 11th, 2017Más noticias de interés Feministas Unidas Agosto 2017
August 10th, 2017Circular agosto Feministas Unidas
June 9th, 2017Circular Junio Feministas Unidas
April 9th, 2017Circular abril feministas unidas
March 27th, 2017Segunda Circular Feministas Unidas Marzo 2017
March 1st, 2017Circular Feministas Unidas Marzo 2017
February 15th, 2017Segunda circular febrero Feministas Unidas.
February 3rd, 2017Feministas Unidas Panel MLA
February 1st, 2017Circular Feministas Unidas Febrero 2017
January 20th, 2017Circular Feministas Unidas Enero 2017
January 1st, 2017Feministas Unidas-MLA
December 13th, 2016Circular Feministas Unidas Diciembre 2016
November 17th, 2016Dos calls for papers
November 14th, 2016Mensaje de la presidenta de feministas Unidas
November 14th, 2016 *Mensaje de la presidenta de Feministas Unidasi
October 24th, 2016Segunda circular Feministas Unidas octubre 2016
October 7th, 2016Feministas Unidas circular octubre
September 11th, 2016 *Bylaws
September 6th, 2016Circular septiembre Feministas Unidas
August 16th, 2016Segunda circular Feministas Unidas agosto 2016
August 11th, 2016Circular Agosto Feministas Unidas
July 7th, 2016Feministas Unidas Circular julio 2016
June 25th, 2016Feministas Unidas Circular junio 2016
May 27th, 2016Mensaje de la presidenta de Feministas Unidas
May 17th, 2016Feministas unidas-Dos congresos
May 10th, 2016Feministas Unidas-Circular mayo 2016
April 19th, 2016Feministas Unidas-Tercera circular abril 2016
April 9th, 2016Feministas Unidas-Segunda Circular abril 2016
April 3rd, 2016Feministas Unidas-Circular abril 2016
March 11th, 2016Circular marzo Feministas Unidas
February 24th, 2016Segunda Circular Febrero- Feministas Unidas
February 15th, 2016Circular febrero Feministas Unidas
January 22nd, 2016Circular Feministas Unidas Enero 2016
January 16th, 2016Feministas unidas MLA 2017
January 15th, 2016Time to renew your membership!
December 21st, 2015Segunda Circular Diciembre Feministas Unidas
December 5th, 2015Circular Feministas Unidas Diciembre 2015
November 11th, 2015Segunda circular noviembre Feministas Unidas
November 1st, 2015Primera Circular noviembre Feministas Unidas
October 19th, 2015Circular Feministas Unidas Octubre 2015
September 14th, 2015Segunda circular septiembre Feministas Unidas
September 4th, 2015Circular Feministas Unidas Septiembre
August 26th, 2015Two new announcements
August 22nd, 2015Circular agosto Feministas unidas
July 8th, 2015Circular julio feministas unidas
June 24th, 2015Circular Feministas Unidas junio
May 22nd, 2015Circular Feministas Unidas 22 de mayo
May 16th, 2015CFP SAMLA (Panel de Feministas Unidas)
May 14th, 2015Mensaje de la secretaria de Feministas Unidas
April 22nd, 2015Congresos de interés
April 22nd, 2015 *Congresos de interés
March 11th, 2015Nominations for Vice-President and Newsletter Editor
March 10th, 2015Circular Feministas Unidas 10 de marzo
February 17th, 2015Circular Feministas Unidas
February 6th, 2015Circular 6 febrero 2015
January 20th, 2015Circular enero 2015 Feministas Unidas
December 30th, 2014Last circular December
December 6th, 2014Circular Diciembre
November 17th, 2014Circular Feministas Unidas 17 de noviembre
November 9th, 2014Circular 9 de noviembre, 2014
October 28th, 2014Feministas Unidas Newsletter
September 29th, 2014Circular 30 septiembre, 2014
September 5th, 2014Circular 5 de septiembre, 2014
August 20th, 2014Circular 20 de agosto
August 6th, 2014Elecciones a Vicepresidenta y congresos de interés F
June 24th, 2014Elecciones a vicepresidenta
June 9th, 2014CFP y Concurso Ensayo FemUn
May 20th, 2014Circular 20 de mayo
May 6th, 2014Petición de ensayos y otras noticias de interés
April 20th, 2014Petición de colaboraciones y congresos
April 5th, 2014Circular 5 de abril 2014
March 20th, 2014Petición de ensayos y convocatorias de congresos
February 21st, 2014Circular 21 de febrero de 2014
February 7th, 2014Circular 7 de febrero 2014
January 29th, 2014Anuncios, convocatorias y calls for papers
January 8th, 2014MLA y Cuotas de Membresía
December 30th, 2013Mensaje de despedida de la presidenta
December 20th, 2013Circular 20 de diciembre
December 5th, 2013Circular 5 de diciembre
November 20th, 2013Noticias importantes 20 de noviembre, 2013
October 28th, 2013Circular 28 Octubre, 2013
March 31st, 2013Elections for Vice-president for the term 2014-2015:
December 19th, 2012 *Membership Form 2013
December 11th, 2012Terrorism Panel: Chicago 2014 MLA
January 27th, 2012[no title/summary provided]
June 9th, 2011Participación en paneles de Feministas Unidas
October 27th, 2010Elecciones
August 17th, 2010NeMLA 2011: Crossing Borders and Performing Gender
June 17th, 2010Nombre de la revista: votación
June 13th, 2010Book Prize Announcement: LASA
June 13th, 2010Anuncio Especial: LASA
June 1st, 2010NeMLA 2011 Conference, Feministas Unidas panel co-sponsored by the NeMLA's Women's Caucus
May 27th, 2010 *CFP: 11th CONFERENCE of the AMERICAS
May 12th, 2010Revista y Newsletter: votación
May 12th, 2010Eight Annual Feministas Unidas Essay Prize competition for graduate students
December 12th, 2008 *By-laws

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