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July 2018 Newsletter
 Call for submissions for an edited volume on Latin American Women Artists

The Other Fridas: Latin American Women Artists Who Challenged Society

Editors: Luciana Namorato (Associate Professor, Indiana University Bloomington) and

Débora Thomé (PhD Candidate UFF-Brazil, writer, and political scientist)

Latin America has produced a number of talented and innovative women artists during the XIX and XX centuries. Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, for instance, is one of the most well-known artists in the Western world nowadays. However, unlike Kahlo, many Latin American women artists still remain obscure in their region and sometimes even in their native countries. Influential Latin American women in the fields of literature, visual arts, and music are, for instance, less present in anthologies and art history books, when compared to their male counterparts. In Latin America, there is a notable discrepancy between male and female artists when it comes to their recognition in scholarly works, biographical accounts, as well as the media. The overall objective of this volume is to identify and examine the impact of Latin American women artists who, like Frida Kahlo, challenged their generation’s and country’s status quo, transgressed gender stereotypes and/or significantly contributed to their field of work through their art.

We welcome proposals on women writers, as well as artists related to the field of visual arts (drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture, photography, textile art) and performing arts (music, theater, dance). Our main objective is to rescue, disseminate, and better understand the importance of the artistic production of influential Latin American women who produced their most important works between the years of 1800 and 2000. We invite contributors from all disciplines and plan to include essays on artists from every Latin American country.

We encourage and will give special consideration to:

a) essays on artists from Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela, as well as from Central American countries.

b) essays that position the work of the artist(s) within a Latin American context;

c) comparative texts on two or more artists from the same country, or from different Latin American countries. In the case of comparisons with contemporary artists, the focus of the essay should be on the artist(s) who were active between 1800 and 2000;

d) essays that explore the relationship of the artist(s) with feminine and feminist themes, or their contribution to the debate on the role of women in society;

e) essays on artists as of yet unknown or little-known; and

f) collaborations between contributors from different countries and institutions.

Guidelines for authors:

All submissions should be based on original research and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors are advised that submission of a paper does not constitute a commitment or guarantee by volume editors that the paper will be incorporated in the volume. The essays should be developed for a global audience and well-referenced. The length of the submission should be between 4,500 and 5,000 words (including references, footnotes and citations). The paper should be in English, size 12 font (Times New Roman), double-spaced and must follow the MLA style guide (most recent edition). Interested contributors are requested to submit a title, abstract and short biography of contributor (including author’s academic titles and affiliation) to Luciana Namorato at lnamorat@indiana.edu and Débora Thomé at debora.thome@gmail.com

About the publisher:

The edited volume will be submitted to Routledge Press for consideration of publishing as part of their Research Series. After a contract for the volume has been issued, all authors will be required to complete copyright forms issued by the publisher.

Deadlines for submission:

Title, abstract (300 words), and short bio of the contributor (200 words): 15 July 2018

Notification of acceptance: 10 August 2018

Deadline for essay submission: 1 November 2018

Contact information:

Luciana Namorato, PhD

Indiana University, Department of Spanish and Portuguese



Débora Thomé, PhD Candidate

Universidade Federal Fluminense


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