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April 2019 Newsletter
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Intersectional Feminism in the Age of Transnationalism

As Stéphanie Genz and Benjamin A. Brabon point out in Postfeminism: Cultural Texts and Theories, the global economic crisis of 2008-9 has laid bare the limitations of the celebratory feminism of the 1990s “that hailed young women in particular as free and confident agents with supposedly infinite choice.” The welcoming approach to the border-erasing effects of the globalization and to the weakening of the nation-state model of governance that has characterized the early stage of transnational feminism often fails to take into account the experiences of the marginalized groups that are most heavily impacted by the displacements effectuated by the rapid movement of global capital. As a result, transnational feminism has often been accused of being “global capitalism’s fellow traveler” (Lauren Briggs, “Transnational.”) There is a clear need to address the limitations of the transnationalist approach to feminism and question the neoliberal emphasis on individual freedom and consumer choice as the central aspirational goals of feminist activism.
In this edited collection, we will look at the ways in which transnationalism and feminism intersect in Hispanic literature, film, and visual arts. What is the future of intersectional feminism in the age of transnationalism? How does art help us understand the challenges that the feminist struggle will encounter in this era of growing interconnectivity? What positive and negative effects does the weakening of the nation-state model as a result of globalization have on the fight against gender-based discrimination? How do works of art by and about women address the transformations in gender roles that are implicit in transnational experiences? What impact does border-crossing have on feminist goals?
This edited volume will not only discuss the crossing of borders between countries, genres, and identities but will explore boundary-crossing in its structure and themes.
Articles may focus on, but are not limited to, the following themes:
- transformations of feminism in the age of transnationalism
- border-crossing and boundary-crossing
- globalization and its impact on marginalized identities
- intersectionality and globalization
- feminism and global capitalism
- feminism and immigration
- nationalism and feminism
- transculturation and feminism.
The language of the volume is English.
Submission date for a 200-word abstracts and brief biography: 31 May 2019.

Submission date for articles: 1 November 2019.

Please send abstracts to both editors:

Raysa Amador amador@adelphi.edu
Olga Bezhanova obezhan@siue.edu
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