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May 2019 Newsletter
 Hola a todo el mundo. Aquí os mando un anuncio sobre el premio 2019 de Adela Zamudio y los requisitos para participar.

Adela Zamudio Essay Prize
We are pleased to announce the 2019 Adela Zamudio Prize for the best published article by a member of Feministas Unidas in the areas of feminist studies, gender studies, queer studies and studies related to works of literature and cinema by female authors.

The rules of the 2019 Adela Zamudio Prize contest are as follows:
1. The article has to have been published between January 1, 2018 and
December 31, 2018 in a peer-reviewed journal.
2. The author has to be a member of Feministas Unidas (membership can
be acquired at any time).
3. The article should be written in Spanish, English, or Portuguese.
4. Please send a scanned copy of the article by Sep. 15, 2019 as it
appeared in the journal (or a link to the article in case of an online
publication) and a PDF version that does not contain the author’s
The scanned copy and the PDF should be sent as attachments to Olga
Bezhanova (obezhan@siue.edu) who will then forward the articles to the
members of the jury.
The winners will receive a year of free membership in Feministas
Unidas, a certificate of having won the contest, and a monetary prize of $400
(USD) for the winner and $200 (USD) for the runner-up.
The award will be presented at the Annual Congress of the MLA in
Chicago in Januaryof 2020 or by mail in case the winners will not be attending
the conference.
The awarding of the prizes remains at the discretion of the jury.
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