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December 2012 Newsletter
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Feministas Panel

From the Conquest narratives of the New World and Spanish Inquisition testimonies to the ravages of the Spanish Civil War, ETA and, more recently, the March 3rd, 2004 train bombings in Madrid, Spain has struggled with the problem of terrorism. Likewise, Latin America and the Caribbean have seen their share of terrorist activities as dictators and factions as diverse as the FARC and Sendero Luminoso have unleashed their vitriol on citizens. In this panel, we seek to engage the language of violence/terrorism in its diverse forms as it has manifested itself in the works of women writers, film makers and visual artists of the Spanish-speaking and U.S. Latina worlds. We invite proposals for twenty-minute papers from scholars whose work focuses on questions such as: What is terrorism? How is terrorism related to exile? How is violence/terrorism related to women's experience/women's creativity/woman's (in)visibility? To what extent is the rhetoric of a “war on terror” or “horror” gendered and how has this rhetoric changed over time from a feminist perspective? How has “terror” manifested itself, or conversely, remained invisible, in Spanish language literature, film and visual culture by women? From a feminist perspective, what draws the reader’s attention to the “spectacle” of terror? What ethical or moral responsibilities do women have to teach materials to students of Spanish and to what ends? Send 250-word abstracts as attachments to Maria DiFrancesco (mdifrancesco@ithaca.edu) by February 1, 2013. Panelists must be members of Feministas Unidas and the MLA to participate.
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