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November 2013 Newsletter
 Estimada membresía:

En este comunicado hay noticias y anuncios muy importantes:

1. MLA Sponsored panel in Vancouver
2. MLA Annual Convention Chicago
3. Call for Papers, volumen 4, Ámbitos Feministas
4. Call for papers: Discourses of Peripheral Sexualities in Hispanic Studies. Symposium Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. Deadline for submissions: November 25, 2013.
5. Link to Isabel Allende’s conference: “¿Qué quieren las mujeres?”

1. 2015 MLA Sponsored panel in Vancouver
We are accepting theme proposals for the FemUn special session during the 2015 MLA annual convention in Vancouver. The theme needs to relate to the objectives and scope of the coalition. Send 300 word theme proposals by Dec. 15th, 2013 to Cynthia Tompkins cynthia.tompkins@asu.edu. Suggested themes will be discussed during the FemUn general meeting in Chicago.

2. 2014 MLA Annual Convention Chicago:
If you are planning to attend the 2014 MLA convention in January make sure you come to the annual meeting, and then join us at the Cash Bar on Thursday 9th. Also, support FemUn attending our sponsored session on Friday 10th.

FemUn at the 2014 MLA Annual Convention General Meeting: Thursday, 09 January 2014
The FemUn general meeting will take place at 7:10 pm, right before the Cash Bar. We will be meeting at the front door Chicago VIII, Sheraton. Please send any items to be discussed during the general meeting to the secretary Cynthia Tompkins <cynthia.tompkins@asu.edu> by Dec. 15th, 2013.

Cash Bar: Thursday, 09 January 2014 Feministas Unidas together with Women's Caucus for the Modern Languages, the Ages Studies Discussion Group, , GL/Q Caucus, Women in French, and Women in German. 8:45 - 10:00 p.m., Chicago VIII, Sheraton

MLA 2014 Chicago, January 2014. Feministas Unidas Inc. Annual Sponsored Panel
211. Panel : ¿Terror Feminista/Femenino? Presiding: Maria DiFrancesco
Friday, 10th January, 2014 8:30-9:45 am, Erie, Sheraton Chicago

1. "Poetic Renderings of Trauma after 9/11: Rasgado, by Lila Zemborain (2006)," Mariela Méndez, Univ. of Richmond
2. "Aestheticizing Terror: Performance Art and the Appropriation of Violence," Alexandra Perkins, Univ. of Miami
3. "Writing the Female Body to Defy, Survive, and Overcome State Terrorism in Postdictatorship Narratives from Chile and Argentina," Nancy Tille-Victorica, Univ. of Texas, Austin

3. Ámbitos Feministas Volumen 4 Otoño 2014
The editors of Ámbitos Feministas, a multidisciplinary journal of criticism pertinent to current feminist issues in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Hispanic and Latino Studies, invite unpublished critical essays in English, Spanish and Portuguese language on literature, film, art, plastic arts, music, gender studies, History, etc., relating to contemporary Hispanic/Luso/Latina women writers and artists for its next annual volume (Volume 4 Fall 2014)

Original unpublished creative work (short stories, poetry) is also accepted.

A current membership to the coalition Feministas Unidas Inc. (http://feministas-unidas.org) is required of all authors at the time of submission and must be kept until the end of the process.

Submission of originals: While we accept submissions at any time, in order to be considered for the Fall 2014 Issue, originals need to be submitted by February 28th, 2014. Send original and cover letter as attachments in MS Word PC or Mac to <ambitos.feministas@gmail.com>. Please, follow the Editorial Guidelines for Submissions <http://ambitosfeministas.feministas-unidas.org>

For questions or inquires write to:
Inmaculada Pertusa <inma.pertusa@wku.edu>
Carmen de Urioste <carmen.urioste@asu.edu> or
Magdalena Maíz Peña <mapena@davidson.edu>

4. Call for papers: Discourses of Peripheral Sexualities in Hispanic Studies. Symposium Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, April 18-19, 2014

This symposium proposes to examine discourses that produce, express, and represent various peripheral sexualities in Hispanic cultures. We understand peripheral sexualities as any non-normative erotic or sexual manifestation, including licit sexualities (those carried out with the other’s consent) and illicit sexualities (nonconsensual, resulting in physical or psychic damage, etc.). The fluid historicity of peripheral sexualities, driven by their dynamic transformations, displacements, and reformulations throughout history, suggests that they resist the limiting definitions imposed by psychiatry’s nosological classifications. Indeed, many peripheral sexualities appear in the Latin American and Spanish traditions long before science began to systematically categorize the practices, having been produced, interrogated by, and represented through discourses of colonialism, slavery, imperialism, and more recently are shaped by the forces of globalization, migration, and post humanism, among other influences. We invite scholars to contribute papers that foster new critical dialogues on the artistic, literary, and linguistic forms through which these sexualities have been articulated and on the new centers that peripheral sexualities often establish in the evolution of human sexuality, societal norms, and creative uses of language.

Please submit via email:
a 300-word abstract in English or Spanish &
a contact information page
(name, institution, email, phone number, paper title)
to conference organizers:
Nuria Godón (ngodon@fau.edu)
Michael Horswell (horswell@fau.edu)
by November 25th 2013


5. Enlace a la conferencia de Isabel Allende en México: “Qué quieren las mujeres?”


Cualquier comunicado, pueden contactarme en acorbalan@bama.ua.edu

Saludos cordiales,
Ana Corbalán
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