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August 2014 Newsletter
 Estimada membresía,

Se nos acaban las vacaciones por aquí. Esperamos que disfruten de lo que queda de verano. Aquí envío más noticias de interés.

1. Puesto de vicepresidenta.
2. Se necesitan contribuciones para libro: Gender Issues in the Hispanic World: Identity, Power and Expression. Fecha límite de artículos: 30 de octubre.
3. WISP annual conference. Fecha límite de propuestas: 1 de septiembre

1. VICEPRESIDENCIA. Les recordamos que se aceptan candidaturas para el puesto de vicepresidenta de Feministas Unidas hasta el 1 de septiembre. Inmediatamente después se procederá a las votaciones hasta el 15 de agosto. Por favor, envíen su nominación a Cynthia Tompkins, a cynthia.tompkins@asu.edu


Gender equity is crucial social, economic, and cultural development in Latin America and Spain. The proposed for essays will highlight contemporary debates on gender issues in the Hispanic world from a variety of perspectives in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
The editors of this book invite papers and academic essays submissions in Spanish or English to be published in 2015. The interdisciplinary nature of the proposed collection will offer insightful and innovative ways to view the Hispanic world today through the lens of gender. Successful submissions must demonstrate rigorous and original analysis, a connection to gender theory, an awareness of contemporary gender issues, and familiarity with the Hispanic world.
Potential topics that explore connections between gender and identity, power or expression in the Hispanic World include:
gender identity
body dysphoria
race and gender
class and gender
faith and gender
gender socialization
political representation
gendered movements and organizations
economic access
class mobility
poverty and agency
divorce and gender
sexual harassment
human trafficking
gender violence
memory and resistance
gendered language
gendered art
gendered literature
gendered music
gendered film
gender and media (print or digital)
The editors invite contributions in Spanish or English, in MLA format, and under 8,000 words. Please send all submissions in PDF or Word as email attachments to tgomez@csbsju.edu by October 30, 2014. Contributors will be contacted within four weeks after receipt of submissions. Publication is expected in 2015.
Tania Gomez
College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University
Richarda Hall P1
St. Joseph, MN
Email: tgomez@csbsju.edu

3. WISPS Annual Conference
University College Cork (Ireland), 7-8 November 2014
Echo Chambers, Gender Reverberations
Call for Individual Papers and Panels
The myth of Echo is that of a garrulous story-teller condemned to repeat the words of others. Hers is a cautionary tale, whose afterlives can be traced in the cultural association of women with gossip and pillow talk and careless words that cost lives. It also resonates in the contemporary concept of the “Echo chamber” in media discourse: the way in which stories, facts and knowledge are transmitted in current times, through repetition, re-tweeting and reiteration, until all other voices and points of view are drowned out. Yet we also associate the echo chamber with reverberation, with spaces designed to produce the internal reflection of sounds, providing alternative models for considering cultural transmission and reception.
In this year’s WISPS conference we would especially like to invite papers or panels that engage with the concept of echo chambers and reverberations to reflect on any aspect of the transmission and construction of gender in the Hispanic and Lusophone world(s).
Contributors may choose to reflect on the way in which feminist and gender theory has reverberated in different contexts, or explore transmissions of dominant and hegemonic narratives of gender in different disciplines and media. They may choose to reflect on the way in which new media technologies contribute to the construction and reiteration of gender experience and embodiment, or equally to the way in which gender representation and performance interact with voice, sound and noise. The gendered body itself may be considered as an echo chamber that resonates with different discourses and disciplinary regimes: from the visual arts and performance to anthropology, environmental politics, legal systems and medical science (amongst others).
Proposals are invited for individual papers of 20 minutes or for panels, consisting of three papers of 20 minutes, on any area of research relating to Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Latin American or Lusophone studies. 200-word proposals (http://www.wisps.org.uk/conferences/paper-abstract/) and full panel proposals must be sent via the WISPS website (http://www.wisps.org.uk/conferences/panel-proposal/) by no later than 1st September 2014. For panels, the panel convenor should send abstracts (200 words) for the three papers.
Proposals are welcome from members and non-members and from male and female academics and Postgraduate students whose research falls within Spanish, Portuguese and Latin-American Studies.
There will be a limited number of bursaries available for female Postgraduate students to attend and present papers at the conference. Application forms will be will be available here and should be submitted with abstracts.
Confirmed keynote speakers:
Dr L. Elena Delgado, University of Illinois
Professor Nuala Finnegan, University College Cork
For any queries please contact the conference organizer, Helena Buffery (H.Buffery@ucc.ie), or the conference secretary, Eva Bru-Domínguez (e.bru-dominguez@bangor.ac.uk).
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