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September 2014 Newsletter
 Candidatas para el puesto de Vice-Presidenta Feministas Unidas 2014-2015
Voten por una candidata antes del 15 de septiembre anónimamente por echapters (http://fu.echapters.com), o enviando un mensaje a la secretaria de Feministas Unidas, Cynthia Tompkins <Cynthia.Tompkins@asu.edu>

1) Hilda Chacón (Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature at Nazareth College)
She has directed the Women's Studies Program and participates in the Honors Program, the Women's Studies Program, and the Fulbright Program of Nazareth College. She has published in CiberLetras (online-USA),DataGramaZero (online-Brazil), Letras Femeninas (USA), LASA FORUM (USA), Revista de Literatura Mexicana Contemporánea(UTEP), Confluencia: Revista Hispánica de Cultura y Literatura (University of Northern Colorado), Con-textos: Revista de Semiótica Literaria (Universidad de Medellín, Colombia). She has also published as a contributor to One Wound for Another: Testimonios Latinos in the US, 11 September 2001- 11 January 2002 (UNAM-CISAN), as well as to the second volume of this publication Speaking desde las heridas. Testimonios transfronterizos/ Transborder testimonios through Cyberspace (11 de septiembre de 2001-11 de marzo de 2007) (UNAM-CISAN,). She also wrote a book chapter, "Political Cartoons in Cyberspace: Rearticulating Mexican and US Cultural Identity in the Global Era", for the book Mexico Reading the US (Vanderbilt UP, in print). She has been editor for Grafemas, the electronic bulletin of the AILCFH (2004)

Nomination statement:
If elected as Vice President, I will cooperate to the best of my capacities with FemUn President as well as with the members of the Executive Committee. I am a team player and thus, I am willing to work in productive collaboration with my fellow colleagues at FemUn –an organization that I joined in 2002 and to which I feel very proud to belong. In addition, in my current position as member of the Executive Board of NeMLA, I will promote FemUn’s presence and activities within this regional organization. Also, I am willing coordinate the annual Feministas Unidas Essay Prize competition for graduate students, which is one of the duties assigned to FemUn Vice President.

2) Tina Escaja (Professor of Spanish at the University of Vermont )
She has published extensively on gender and contemporary literature from Latin America and Spain. Her research includes investigations of women, technology and representation at the turn-of-the-twentieth-century and the connections with the current turn-of-the-millennium. As a writer and scholar, Prof. Escaja has authored/edited over ten volumes of works that include essays, poetry, theater and fiction. works can be experienced at http://www.tinaescaja.com

Nomination statement:
Considero importantísimo seguir manteniendo el pulso del feminismo hispánico en un momento particular de retrocesos a nivel político y de salud pública. Mi vicepresidencia y posterior presidencia incidiría en la implicación política a través del medio cultural y literario mediante foros abiertos por nuestra institución, presentaciones en MLA, y el uso activo de las redes sociales.

Mi larga imbricación con el feminismo abarca la investigación literaria y cultural (con prioridad a los estudios de género, tecnología y finales de siglos), creativa (mis trabajos de literatura, arte digital e hipertexto inciden en el activismo feminista), y profesional (mis clases en la Universidad de Vermont, donde ejerzo la cátedra de Literatura Iberoamericana, enfatizan género y sexualidad; he ejercido asimismo la vicepresidencia y posterior presidencia de la AILCFH, además de otros cargos e imbricaciones profesionales de ámbito feminista). Mi curriculum vitae puede accederse en el siguiente enlace:

3) Stacey L. Parker Aronson (Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Minnesota, Morris)
I am currently the secretary of GEMELA (Grupo de Estudios sobre las Mujeres en España y las Américas, pre-1800). I have also been a reviewer for such professional journals as Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association and Cervantes.
Nomination statement:
I have always believed in the importance of women-centered organizations, such as Feministas Unidas, for our profession. As Vice President, I would collaborate with the other board members to continue to assert our presence at regional MLA conferences. While the journal Ámbitos Feministas publishes scholarship on “currently women writers and artists,” I interpret the organization’s bylaws as allowing for a broader ideological scope, one more inclusive of the valuable contributions of scholars who research in the area of pre-20th century. In fact, due to my affiliation with GEMELA, I envision the possibility of professional and intellectual collaborations between our sister organizations.
During my tenure at the University of Minnesota, Morris, I have served on and chaired innumerable committee. I am currently the Spanish discipline coordinator, the Spanish study abroad adviser and the adviser for the Sigma Delta Pi National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society (Omega Omicron Chapter). I am also the co-chair of the Membership Committee and am chair of a search committee.
I conduct and publish research on 16th-17th century Spanish Peninsular literature, particularly literature by women, and the literary representation of sexual violence. I have published in such journals as Letras Peninsulares, Letras Femeninas, Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, Romance Notes, Hispanic Journal, Calíope, and most recently, Cervantes.
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