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February 2015 Newsletter
 Estimada membresía,

Pueden ver el nuevo Newsletter de primavera en la página web de la coalición. Mil gracias a María y Dawn por la estupenda Newsletter y también a Inma por actualizar la página. Se puede ver el enlace para bajar el pdf.

Aquí verán dos anuncios de paneles para el próximo MLA y un recordatorio del congreso de Florencia de este verano.

1. MLA 2016, Feministas Unidas, Inc. Panel:
“Género, corpografías y espacio público: intersecciones entre cuerpo y palabra”
January 7-10. Austin, Texas

La distinción entre lo público y lo privado ha sido competencia del feminismo desde su creación. El propósito de este panel es explorar lo que implica para las mujeres, ya sea como creadoras literarias o culturales o como sujetos de representación, acceder al espacio público, ya sea en su activismo/presencia en la arena pública, con su cuerpo como mujeres públicas o con sus palabras como mujeres que publican.

**Palabras clave: acceso al espacio público, cuerpo, miedo, palabra, activismo, el público, los públicos que consumen a la mujer.

Resúmenes de 250 palabras en inglés, español, o portugués. Hay que ser miembro de MLA y Feministas Unidas, Inc. para poder presentar en el congreso. Fecha límite: 1 de marzo a Rebecca Ulland (rulland@nmu.edu).

2. The MLA Forum on 16th- and 17th-Century Spanish and Iberian Drama invites proposals for papers to be considered for inclusion in one of its three sessions. Current members of MLA; those submitting abstracts for the third session must be members of GEMELA as well.

1. Primal Scenes of the Comedia. [Guaranteed Forum session] How does knowing and/or understanding primal scenes contribute to the writing and reading in- and of the Comedia? Papers analyzing, interpreting, illustrating, or commenting dreams of fathers; repression of women/mothers; terrible mothers; abjection; production and reproduction; queerness; mise en abîme; rape; and/or sexual violence will be taken into consideration. 250-word abstract and brief CV by 1 March. Marimer Carrión (mcarrio@emory.edu).

2. Comedic Desires. [Guaranteed Forum session] What correspondences between desire and comedy contribute to the texture of the Comedia? This session will bring together papers with a critical focus on comic eroticism; mysterious theatrical architecture; desire by proxemics, gesturing, and movement; propping desire; drag and divas on- and offstage. 250-word abstract and brief CV by 1 March. Marimer Carrión (mcarrio@emory.edu).

3. Women and Performance in the Comedia. [Arranged in collaboration with GEMELA. Non-guaranteed session] How did women contribute to performance in the Comedia, and how did performance and the Comedia contribute to women? Papers analyzing actresses; female court players; women and the corrales; scenes of (play)writing; women and queerness; eschewing marriage; changing rooms and costuming. 250-word abstract and brief CV by 1 March. Marimer Carrión (mcarrio@emory.edu).

3. This is the first Bridges Across Culture: An International Conference on Arts and Humanities to be held in Florence. The “Bridges” conference provides an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various arts and humanities-related fields from all over the world to come together and learn from each other. This conference will serve as a place for scholars and experts with cross-disciplinary interests related to arts and humanities to meet and interact with members within and outside of their own particular disciplines.
You are cordially invited to submit an abstract for papers in English. All areas of arts and humanities are invited, but of particular interest are papers in the following fields: American Studies, Art History, Ethnic Studies, Film, History, World Literature, Popular Culture, Postcolonial Identities, Religion, Theatre, Visual Arts and Cross-disciplinary areas of arts and humanities.
Please provide the following by email:
• A 200-word abstract
• A cover letter listing name (last, first), academic affiliation, title of the paper, telephone number, address & email
Please send submissions to H.J. Manzari at hjmanzari@washjeff.edu (mention area of your paper in the subject line). Reading time for papers is limited to 20 minutes. All papers MUST be in English. The deadline for submissions is EXTENDED until Feb. 15, 2015.

Saludos cordiales,
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