Feministas Unidas Inc.

May 2016 Newsletter
 Dear Feministas Unidas colleagues:

First, I hope that you are all settling into a summer routine. Second, I apologize for the delay in sending you information regarding our most recent Feministas Unidas election. We had one candidate for each of the following positions and therefore we can vote by acclamation:

Vice President: Rebecca Ulland
Treasurer: Eugenia Charoni
Secretary: Ana Corbalan
Newsletter Editor: Maria (Alej) Zanetta
News Moderator: no candidate

As you can see, no one stepped forward to serve as News Moderator. However, Ana Corbalan (current News Moderator and candidate for Secretary) suggested that the Secretary could take on the duties of the News Moderator as that is often how it is done in other organizations. At this time, we will move forward with this combination of duties. That said, this would require a change to the bylaws so be looking forward to future messages about bylaws changes later this summer. Your Executive Board is working hard to update them!

Thank you for your support of Feministas Unidas. I hope to see you at future conferences!

Best regards,
Rebecca Ulland
President, Feministas Unidas
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